Elizabeth Morris/ December 27, 2016/ Services

A move to Canada is something that many people around the world think of and many of those that apply are successful. One of the reasons why so many are successful is because Canada is perhaps one of the easier countries to move to. Especially for those that would like to know how to move to Canada, the Canadian Federal Government has set up a website to assist them. One of the things that those people will find is the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) which is a list of skills and trades which are especially needed in Canada and so people with those skills and trades will find it easier to immigrate to Canada than someone that doesn’t. The Federal list isn’t the only list of its kind though as each province can also create its list for skills and perhaps professions they most need. The country is comprised of 10 Provinces in all and 3 territories each of which enjoy their own levels of autonomy.

This means that including the Federal List, there could be a total of 14 lists in all that you would have to check to see if you will qualify under those needed skills. If your skills or your profession do not appear on any of these lists, you can still go ahead and apply however it may take longer to be accepted, if accepted. Another way it is possible to gain a work visa is to first get a student visa and then once in the country, apply for a work visa. The website which the Federal Government set up to help immigrants is usually very bust but not so busy that it has to close down for a while, not usually anyway but, on two separate occasions it has had to close down due to it having too many people making enquiries at the same time. Ione instance of this was when the stock market stocks on Wall Street took a sharp dive in price.

Another time was more recently when the American public learned that Donald Trump has won the 21016 Presidential Race. Although Americans may be used to easily crossing the border from the United States to Canada without the need for a Visa, it is a different thing if they want to cross the border to work or live, in those instances they will need work visas or residency permits. It was therefore the work visas and the residency permits that all the Americans were visiting Canada’s website for. If you have a preference for which province or territory you would like to work and live in, it will obviously take you more time to find a reasonable job but if you are prepared to live and work anywhere in Canada, it may be a little easier. Where ever in Canada do you do decide to live and you are successful in your request, it will probably be colder in the winters than what you are used to and so be prepared for that.